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It’s time to quit making excuses and start running again.

I’ve been holding true to the theme of this blog for far too long.  It’s time to get going again.

Not too long after my previous post, I got sick. That stopped my running for a short time. As I started feeling better, my neck went out and I was unable to turn my head to the left, let alone do anything strenuous like running. Long before it ever got better, I packed all the necessities into my truck and moved to Mississippi.  Now, Ive been here for almost three years, my family for just over 2, and we’ve moved from the big house we were renting to a little one-bedroom cabin in the woods. Oh, and my neck is better.
Very conveniently, there is a small network of trails on the property that we’re renting that Beth and I started using as our own personal track a couple of months ago in preparation for a 5k. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to afford the race and between that and my work schedule getting longer and longer, we got discouraged and both stopped. 

We have both wanted to pick it up again, but then the rainy season, the heat and, consequently, the humidity is here.  Last week, the heat index was at 112 degrees for a couple of days. Definitely not ideal conditions for the well-padded to be out trying to run in.

Now, to top it off, I’m sick again.


Right there!

Do you see what that was?
It’s easy to miss while it’s happening, but to write it all out, it becomes clear.

Excuses. A whole list of them, one right after the other. 

While I am sick and currently spending the entire weekend splitting my time between riding the couch and sleeping, as soon as I’m better, I’m hitting the trails. 

I miss running.


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