Fat people walking.

I couldn’t help but notice the large number of large people out taking walks this morning.  There could be a few reasons for this.

One is that I’ve been thinking so much lately about getting into shape.  Not that I’m not in shape right now, it just that I’m in too much shape.  This, by the way, allows me to use the “f” word in the title of this post and prevents you, the reader, from getting mad at me, much in the same way that a number of the population uses the “n” word and are okay with it.  Note however, that unless you too are of the tubby variety, you cannot comment on my weight.  Deal with it skinny people!

The second reason that I noticed more people out today is that the weather this morning was wonderful and the days have already been getting warmer.  No better way to beat the afternoon heat and humidity than to get out there early and get your exercise in.

The third, and probably most truthful reason that I noticed so many people out this morning was the fact that I was an hour late to school.  Every single one of the people that I saw this morning were probably in the same general location that they are every single morning, performing the same general activity; it’s just that I was just there today to witness it.

I do have a point to all my rambling.  Thank you for staying with me this long to find out what it is.  (And for those of you who gave up reading already:  I don’t want you as readers anyhow.  You can’t pay attention long enough!)

My point is this:  Every single one of those fat people out there this morning inspired me.  (Honestly, the one skinny chick that I saw did too.  She was making running look easy.  Some day, I hope to as well!)  They were out there, doing it, making a difference in their health.  They weren’t finding excuses or bemoaning their large derrieres.  They weren’t hitting the snooze button for the eighteenth time.  They were walking and enjoying it.

I didn’t walk this morning, but I did yesterday afternoon.  I walked about 45 minutes and it felt good.  I wanted to run.  Honestly, I did, but I was too self conscious.  All I could think about was others seeing me and thinking, “He must smell a cheeseburger.”

I know that I shouldn’t care.  Who are these imaginary people after all?  Screw them and their imaginary opinions!

Then I had another thought:  What if the people who see me are fat people too?  *gasp!* What if  I inspire them?  What if they see me and think, “That fat guy can do it, maybe I can too…”?

That would rock!

Tomorrow morning, I’m getting up and going for a walk before school.  Heck, I might even try some of that running stuff, if just a little. I just need to remember one thing….

I am not a runner.


Let’s get a couple of things straight right up front.

My name is Rob.

I am not a runner.

Why then, did I buy a pair of running shoes today?  Why am I now subscribed to both Runner’s World and Running Times magazines on my Kindle?  Why  have I been itching for about two weeks now to strap on a pair of shoes and go for a jog, to sweat and bask in the burn of tired muscles?

I am not a runner.

I told my wife today that if you’d asked me ten years ago my opinion about running.  “There are only two reasons to run: You’re either chasing somebody or running away from somebody.  I’m a big guy.  There’s nobody that I need to run away from.  I’m also a patient guy.  I’ll wait for the person I want to chase to think that they’re safe and grab them the next time they come in range.”

I most assuredly not a runner.

I find myself sitting here in my new running shoes, enjoying that post-exercise feeling after walking to my son’s school to pick him up.  For the last few months, I’ve found myself finding excuses to hop in the truck and drive the few blocks to pick him up in the afternoons;  “It’s too cold/windy/wet to walk.  If I drive, that gives me ten more minutes before I have to leave.  I’m feeling lazy and just plain don’t want to walk today.”  It got to the point where I didn’t even try to think of an excuse to drive.  It was just habit.

My son stopped asking if we were walking or driving.  He gave up.  I remember how bummed out he’d be when he realized that we weren’t walking home; then he stopped caring.  Of course we were driving.  That’s just what Dad does.

That changed today though.  I was waiting outside of his classroom for him as I usually do, but this time in shorts and my new running shoes.

“Are we driving today, Dad?”



Yay, indeed.

I am not a runner, but I’m tired of being fat.  I’m tired of being tired all day and restless all night when I should be sleeping.  I’m tired of not finding clothes that fit and not fitting into the clothes I have.

When I told my wife my opinion on running she said that it obviously hasn’t changed.  “You’re running away from who you don’t want to be any more and running after a healthier you.”

I am not a runner, but I bought some running shoes today.

Apparently, I’m going to have to start running.