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Where did all the fat people go?

So I started yesterday morning with a walk.  I went out to join my fellow fat people…  At least, that was my plan.  Apparently Tuesday mornings are scheduled for fat people and the skinny people all come out on Wednesdays.  I was obviously out with the wrong group.

You know what?  I didn’t care! I was out there, doing it.  I was getting healthy.  So what if my people abandoned me.  That’s fine, I’ll solo it.  I’ll represent the chubby bunch and show those skinny folks that we can do it too, if slower.

I didn’t set any records by any means.  I was out for an hour and covered just under three miles.  I then had a super-long day of school and work, not getting back home until after 11pm.   I’m pretty certain that starting the day with a walk helped get me through it without collapsing.  By the time I got home, I was mentally finished, but all through the day physically felt better than I had in quite a while.  I was even jogging up the stairs to my last customer’s font door at 7:30 at night without thinking about it.

One thing that I’ve always enjoyed is people watching.  No matter where I am, why I’m there or what I’m supposed to be doing, I watch people.  I’m entertained by people just being themselves and secretly trying to reason out their odd actions.  My morning walk proved no less entertaining a venue than any other.

There was the one guy who walked to one end of the park to do jumping jacks and jog in place, then walked back the way he came from.  (Why not jog the whole time and get your heart rate up  getting to the park and back?)

There was the  fellow with the seemingly nice dogs.  Nice enough to come up and say “hi” until I looked at them, then bark at me and threaten to bite, that is.  (The owner remembered at the last moment, just before I was out of hearing rage to apologize for his animals’ behavior.  Too late guy, keep your dogs away from me since you don’t seem surprised by their actions!)

Then there was the one lady who was actually jogging.  She was wearing a big visor and a pair of those stupid face-shieldingly-large sunglasses.  (You know the kind that possibly served as windshields for small European cars at one time, but are now mounted in plastic frames.)  I felt a sudden connection with her.   Here too, was someone who was obviously not in the best shape that she could be.  Here was a fellow portly person who was out trying to better their health.  She glanced up to see who was approaching when she saw my shoes break the rim of her visor.  I smiled and opened my mouth to say “good morning.”  We almost made eye contact (I think, it was hard to tell) but she immediately looked back down, hiding behind her windshields and visor in what seemed like embarrassment…

“NO!” I thought at her.  “Don’t be embarassed!  You’re DOING it!  You’re out here running!  So what if you’re a little pudgy?  You’re inspiring those of us who are a lot bit pudgy!  Take off the huge glasses (they look goofy anyway), look up and say ‘hi.’  It’ll make both of our mornings better.”

Keep that in mind, folks.  When you see others out for their morning walk or run (or walk-then-run-in-place-and-walk-some-more, whatever that’s all about) say “hi.”  You just might inspire them.  You never know.

Oh, and if you see that sort of odd looking fellow with two dogs on retractable leashes, cross the street.  His dogs aren’t as nice as they first seem.


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